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About Us

For the last 20 years Fullerton Education Foundation have been committed to building dynamic community partnerships to support the Fullerton School District. Being a vital part of the community enables us to provide essential resources and enrichment opportunities to every student in the district.  We are dedicated to creating a better future for our students and for our community.  We are excited to announce that the foundation has donated over $2.5 million dollars in support of our mission to the Fullerton School District.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the educational experience of each child in every classroom.  Through the generosity of community support, the foundation provides resources, technology and grants to inspire learning, enhance teaching and create innovative opportunities for student to excel in the 21st Century.

Educate       Innovate       Captivate

Through community involvement and support, every student in the Fullerton School District will have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential; every educator will have the confidence of support, knowing their imagination is the only limit to providing their students innovative experiences.

Tax Exempt Status

Fullerton Education Foundation is a California non-profit, public benefit, corporation. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The federal tax ID number for the foundation (EIN) is #33-0755742. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Our Team

Hilda Sugarman

FSD School Board Trustee

Leah Wathen

FSD Teacher

Jason Sparks

Banc of California

Executive Director
Monica Torres
Public Relations Director
Tiffany Hoskinson
Grant Giving Director
Ellen Ballard

Retired FSD Educator

Board of Directors
Jeff Dotson

FSD Retired Educator

Dr. Loretta Donavan


Kristen Holm

FSD Principal

Trang Lai

FSD Ed. Services Director

Jim Pilafas


Advisory Board of Directors
Jason Chong

FSD Ed. Services T.O.S.A.

Jeremy Davis

FSD Assistant Sup. Innovation & Instructional Support

Dr. Emy Flores

Assistant Sup. Ed. Services

Kelli Ann Nakayama

Boy Scouts of America

Carmen Serna

FSD Executive Secretary to the Superintendent

John Staser

AAA of Southern California

Jason Sugarman

Camden Capital LLC

Steven Sugarman, J.D.
Cynthia Yount

Parker & Covert LLP

Toast to Learning Committee
Chris Blashaw
Curtis Buck

FSD Educator

Robyn Clemente

FSD Principal

Dena David

Vino Nostra

Louise Dugard


Susan Ellis

Assured Audio & Visual

Wendy Frank
Larry Houser

Fullerton Cares & Bourbon St.

Tiffany Hoskinson

FEF Public Relations Director

Janny Meyer

FSD School Board Trustee

Mary Kay Orr

FSD Teacher

Jim Pilafas


Susana Salinas
Hilda Sugarman

FSD School Board Trustee

Monica Torres

FEF Executive Director

Rochelle Wolf

FSD Principal

Lisa Wozab

Our Student Board Ambassadors

2018-2019 Student Board
Omaima Abdalla
Ladera Vista Jr. High
Shrey Gandhi
Parks Jr. High
Brook Shio Hama
Robert C. Fisler
Lillian Kelly
Parks Jr. High
Kaylee Leong
Robert C. Fisler
Edward Park
Robert C. Fisler
Krisi Patel
Nicolas Jr. High
Anna Schleicher
Ladera Vista Jr. High
Jeffrey Tran
Nicolas Jr. High
2017-2018 Student Board
Drake Harris
Ladera Vista Jr. High
Cassandra Hermosillo
Nicolas Jr. High
Sahil Kukreja
Robert C. Fisler
Andrew Sung
Robert C. Fisler
Yeonji Baek
Parks Jr. High
2016-2017 Student Board
Makayla Davis
Ladera Vista Jr. High
Seth Nevejas
Nicolas Jr. High
Kevin Hu
Robert C. Fisler
Rachel Koo
Robert C. Fisler
Jessica Ryoo
Robert C. Fisler
Gianne Veluz
Robert C. Fisler
Kenneth Yeon
Parks Jr. High
2015-2016 Student Board
Sam Bradbury
Ladera Vista Jr. High
Adriana De La Rivas
Nicolas Jr. High

Our Student Board Ambassador Program

Our Student Board Member program is designed to engage Junior High students and  provide the opportunity to participate in real-world challenges, facilitate critical thinking and communication among professionals. Our students benefit from the transformational experience, all while representing the needs of their school site.


Purpose & Benefit:

  • Students bring a unique perspective to foundation ideas and programs

  • Viewpoints and ideas of students are essential because most of our programs focus on them.

  • Students and adults obtain a better understanding and appreciation of one another  working side by side on goal-related projects

  • Students gain leadership skills, such as goal-setting, decision-making, team building and conflict resolution, enhancing their own personal growth and development

  • Students obtain community service opportunities

  • Students receive a special community service award and will be recognized at their 8th grade promotion ceremony


Student Responsibilities:

  • Become a full voting member. 1 vote per school site. We have found it more effective when schools sites nominate more than 1 student representative.  Students can share tasks and responsibilities.

  • Attend monthly board meetings, no less than 50%

  • Contribute to board discussions.

  • Represent and share school site needs.

  • Share foundation information with school site community. Attend & Report back to PTA & School Site Council.

  • Volunteer at a minimum of one event/project

    • Write Articles for Newsletter/Blog

    • Robot Nation

    • Cut-A-Thon

    • Toast to Learning Dinner Benefit

    • Innovation Experience

  • Help write Thank you notes to donors/sponsors.