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Welcome to ENERGiBiTES:
Halting Hunger One Snack at a Time

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At the Fullerton Education Foundation, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed without the burden of hunger. That's why we are proud to introduce EnergiBites, our innovative dry snack pantry program, generously sponsored by a $95,000 grant from KIA Motors.

Our Vision: Combating Hunger, Empowering Education
Hunger remains a critical issue that affects the well-being and academic performance of students nationwide. With this challenge in mind, the Fullerton Education Foundation, in partnership with KIA Motors, has devised EnergiBites - a visionary program that aims to tackle hunger in a practical and sustainable manner.

Accessible and Discreet: Making a DifferenceEnergiBites is set to establish accessible dry snack carts at all Fullerton School District schools. These carts offer students a convenient and discreet solution to manage their hunger throughout the day. Packed with a variety of nutritious, non-perishable snacks, EnergiBites ensures that no student has to face an empty stomach. Our initiative not only alleviates hunger but also empowers students to focus on their education, free from the worries of an empty belly.
KIA Motors: A Commitment to Community Welfare
KIA Motors' dedication to education and community welfare is exemplified through their partnership with the Fullerton Education Foundation. Their generous $95,000 grant demonstrates their commitment to fostering positive change and ensuring that students have the resources they need to thrive.

Join Us on this Journey
EnergiBites will be rolled out across all Fullerton School District schools during the 2023-2024 academic year. The Fullerton Education Foundation envisions a future where hunger is no longer a barrier to academic achievement, and EnergiBites is a significant step toward realizing that vision.

Join us in making a difference, one snack at a time. Together, we can ensure that no student in the Fullerton School District goes to bed hungry or attends class on an empty stomach.
EnergiBites: Fueling Minds, Nourishing Futures.

For More Information About Our Program Contact:
Monica Torres

For Information About Reordering & Deliveries Contact:
Dottie Pendleton

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