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Application Opens:  November 1st 

Application Due:  December 8th 


Grant Objective:  

Fullerton Education Foundation supports teachers and schools in the Fullerton School District through a grant program for projects that engage students in active learning through innovative best practices for teaching and learning. 

Past Grants & Applications

Fullerton Education Foundation supports teachers and schools in the Fullerton School District through a grant program for projects that engage students in active learning through innovative best practices for teaching and learning. 
All grant applications will be collected together and reviewed by the foundation at one time. We do not start reviewing applications until the grant cycle is closed.  All grants are reviewed "blindly" by a group of board members that are educators, student board and community members.  After the review is complete, we will select the grant applications that will be funded. 

Grant applications submission form will be open September 26, 2022 and will close at midnight on October 24, 2022

Grant Writing Tips 

Grant Recipients Next Steps
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2021-2022 Innovation Grant Recipients

Environmental Nature Center Trip

Kristen Campos 

Fern Drive School

Our first graders will take a field trip to the Environmental Nature Center to learn about plants in different habitats. In addition, students will learn about their role in a sustainable future.

Awarded Amount: $926.40


Pretend City Trip

Marissa Mendoza 

Pacific Drive

Our Kindergarten team would like to take all K students on a field trip to Pretend City in Irvine, CA.  In the classroom, all Kinder students will be focusing on community helpers and building a model community project to help demonstrate the importance of each community members’ role.  This field trip will allow students to have an immersive experience connected to classroom learning.  

Awarded Amount: $950.00


Social Emotional Learning & Culturally Responsive Teaching Literature

Jasel Contreras 

Rolling Hills 

Our team would like to have reading resources at our fingertips throughout the year to help teach students about themselves as well as about those who are different from us. These books will be used during Social Emotional Learning lessons as well as to teach awareness through Culturally Responsive lessons. Students will engage in collaborative conversations and problem solving activities that can be applied in real world situations. In addition, students will begin to form connections & acceptance towards diverse peers by learning to navigate complex social issues.

Awarded Amount: $1,200.00

Centennial Farm & Children's Museum Trip

Sara Cooper 


We are hoping to take learning OUTSIDE the classroom by taking our Kindergarten students on two field trips. Now that the world is opening back up, we are excited for hands on learning and experiences!

Awarded Amount: $1,216.00




Hands On STEAM

Diana Vu 

Raymond School

Students will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in Science and Math curriculum as they rotate through work stations. 

Awarded Amount: $1,295.00






Turing Tumble Computer Board

Kim Bass 

Fisler School

No screen, no internet, no batteries! Fourth grade students learn how computers work by programming their own marble driven computer. This is all brainwork that develops concepts and skills in computational thinking, logic, algorithm design, critical thinking, debugging/troubleshooting, fine motor, spatial reasoning, and persistence.

Awarded Amount: $1,468.81




Master Chef

Melissa Zaucha 

Maple School

Master Chef Competition - Students will work collaboratively as they immerse themselves in a Master Chef simulation. During this experience, students will hone their math and science skills as they develop menus, budget costs, and shop for ingredients. Students will collaborate and meet language arts standards and hone their media production skills as they create their menu and write a commercial. Ultimately students will use their chef tools and cookbooks to learn the joy of cooking and become Master Chefs!

Awarded Amount: $1,800.00


 Reader's Workshop

Rachel Skoug & Choi Soo jin 

Laguna Road School

Teachers will collaborate across grade levels (4th/5th) to gather 1:1 personalized in-depth assessment data to strategically provide differentiated small groups and 1-1 conferring to lift the levels of teaching and learning in Reader’s Workshop while students get access to rich nonfiction/fiction texts. Students will work towards mastery of grade level CCSS and build SEL skills, as teachers collect and analyze data throughout the year to facilitate student-lead goal setting and growth monitoring. 

Awarded Amount: $2,000.00


Engineering at Knotts

Nicole Smith 

Pacific Drive School

Students will be engaging in NGSS Science and Engineering Practices such as inquiry and problem-solving as they participate in Knott Berry Farm's Engineering Day. Students will get a behind the scenes look at the mechanical engineering that went into developing the park's thrill ride, Hang Time.

Awarded Amount: $2,000.00




Outdoor Science School

Melanie Riesch 

Pacific Drive School

Students will be provided the opportunity to experience a quality outdoor education program that will instill all students with an appreciation of the outdoors and environment related to NGSS concepts. Additionally, students will learn about the environment and human impact as it relates to 6th grade NGSS standards.

Awarded Amount: $2,000.00




Physics at Knott's

Pam Keller & Nancy Karcher 

Primary Multi-age

Orangethorpe School

What better way to learn physics than through exploring roller coasters? We will learn through the 5-E scientific method; build roller coasters in small teams and culminate with a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm to see real roller coasters in action!

Awarded Amount: $2,035.74




PBIS Books

Khemaradevi Sok-Huynh "Devi" 

Maple School

Students will be so excited to see and continuously strive to earn PBIS points to be able to visit the Inchy Book Worm Vending Machine. A special gold coin will earn a book drop from different genres, new high interest release, or a book that meets their current reading level.

Awarded Amount: $2,500.00




Kindness Campaign

Pamela Zinnel 

Hermosa Drive School

Kindness is a quality of character that we all need in our lives, whether it is random acts of kindness, or just spontaneous acts we do each day. The students, staff and community will practice kindness with planned activities for the month of January, 2022. We hope to inspire and encourage more kindness in our site, community and world.

Awarded Amount: $2,522.29





Catalina Science Camp

Kimberly Bergen 

Woodcrest School

Students will be able to experience grade level NGSS science standards by attending science camp on Catalina Island.

Awarded Amount: $5,000.00

Grant Objective:  

Fullerton Education Foundation supports teachers and schools in the Fullerton School District through a grant program for projects that engage students in active learning through innovative best practices for teaching and learning.

Grant Application Tips:

Grant Application PDF:  

Grant Application Submission Form:

2019-2020 Innovation Grant Recipients
FEF SEAL black_2x.png


FSD Fest & Robot Nation

Innovation & Instructional Support Team

2 Day Event showcasing various student lead projects and district wide tournaments.   See last year's highlights.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Maple Elementary

Ms. Katherine Perry

After seeing one students' face light up, who is typically disengaged, when seeing himself reflected in a read-aloud, I realized the great need for diverse and relevant literature for students at their own levels. Students will have access to books at their reading level with characters and content that are culturally relevant and meaningful to their lives.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Richman Elementary

Ms. Denise Bacher

Students will participate in a field trip to Crystal Cove State Park where they will explore the Southern California coastal bluffs, examine the sandy beach, and investigate the tide pools. Through this all day experience, students will gain a greater appreciation and understanding of our coastal environments as well as increased awareness of the impact of human interaction on our environments, and the importance of stewardship of the natural resources of the Earth.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Fisler K-8 School

Ms. Linda Beecher 

This project aims to equip our media center with resources that allow students to learn and apply journalism through livestream broadcasting. Students will have access to real-life job experiences and become strategic writers and presenters. They will use the media center to record, develop, and share announcements and information to their school audience and local community.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Fern Drive Elementary

Ms. Nicole Drew

This project is a culmination of our TK writing program and integration of play and imagination.

Maple - Abney.png


Maple Elementary

Mr. Anthony Abney

Inquiry-based, problem solving field trip of a lifetime: 3 days in Idyllwild's Astrocamp for our 4th grade students! Students experience astronomy, physical sciences, rocketry, and astronaut tasks, and all kinds of engineering problems. This experience makes science and engineering FUN, and we know that this experience will inspire our students for college and careers.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Sunset Lane Elementary

Dr. Tracy Gyurina

Cultivating the next generation of leaders who are college and career ready by creating a makerspace that ignites innovation, inspires creativity and critical thinking, and reduces our environmental impact.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Fern Drive Elementary

Ms. Meghan Phillips

History comes to life for fifth graders! Fifth grade students will study historical fiction through the novel study Blood on the River and then apply their knowledge on an interactive field trip to Riley’s Farm.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Fisler K-8 School

Ms. Kim Bass

Through the Kids 4 Kids Projects, 4th grade students will learn about social and emotional problems through shared inquiries and rich diverse children's literature to create videos and podcasts that will teach other children ways to use positive strategies to alleviate the social and cultural challenges that students face on the playgrounds and in classrooms of today.

FEF SEAL DarkBlue_2x.png


Fern Drive Elementary

Ms. Deborah Ronstadt

First grade would like to use the great outdoors to learn more about animals, at Rancho Wildlife Foundation facilities. This field trip will address and align to first grade Next Generation Life Science Standards LS1.A and LS1.B.

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